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by Kelly Campbell 

Need a Mother’s Day gift for the dinking mom in your life? Head to Target for their brand-new pickleball collection.

Last month, Target announced that they were partnering with the brand Prince to launch an affordable, diverse pickleball collection in their stores for a limited time, while supplies last. 

Read on to learn more about how your next Target haul could be good for your wallet and great for your pickleball game.

Prince Pickleball Collection at Target 

The Prince for Target collection is a limited-time engagement and became available in most Target stores and online on April 20. Prince is a popular tennis and lifestyle brand. 

In the press release, Jill Sando, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Target, said,  “Our exclusive collections are part of the joy of shopping at Target, offering consumers new, on-trend products at a great value that they can’t find anywhere else. Partnering with Prince is the perfect way to help pickleball enthusiasts everywhere enjoy the sport that is sweeping the nation, with quality pickleball apparel and sporting goods at prices only Target can offer.”

The collection serves up nearly 80 apparel, accessories, and sporting goods items at an affordable cost––with most item prices ranging from $9.99 to $50.00. The clothes, paddles, duffels, and more are trendy and colorful so you can bring style to the court. 

From matching sets to colorful paddle artwork, we’re excited to get our hands on these picturesque pickleball products this spring. 

Our Favorite Featured Items 

In the original press release, Target advertises these must-haves from the line:

  • Retro-inspired tracksuits and sets to mix and match
  • Pleated skirts and dresses
  • Pickleball paddles with colorful artwork that matches the apparel

We checked out the collection online, and here are some of our favorite finds: 

Prince Pickleball Women’s Woven Zip-Front Hooded Jacket – $40

Prince Pickleball Sling Bag – $40 

Prince Pickleball Water Sling – $15 

Prince Pickleball Men’s Zip-Front Warm-Up Jacket – Navy Blue – $40 

Prince Pickleball Duffel Sports Equipment Bag – $49.99

Target & Prince’s Impact on Pickleball Apparel 

One thing that’s been lacking for pickleballers is affordable and easily accessible pickleball apparel. Although the sport has grown exponentially over the last few years, and there have been a plethora of great pickleball brands that have hit the market, pickleball-specific apparel is still not as popular or available as gear is for other sports. Many popular brands operate only online, with higher price points and limited sizing and availability, which can make inclusivity and quality control difficult to achieve. 

We’re thrilled that the Target and Prince partnership will bring an affordable, quality pickleball collection to players of all skill levels throughout the country, and that picking up attractive, well-made pickleball gear will for the first time be as simple as walking into a nearby store. Pickleball players can enjoy browsing for pickleball apparel in person and can try on different sizes and test quality before purchasing, which hasn’t always been an option. 

The Prince-Target pickleball collection’s impact won’t stop at transforming pickleball apparel accessibility––the partnership will likely positively influence pickleball overall as well. With nearly 2,000 locations across the country, having a store as popular as Target promote pickleball in stores through this collection brings more buzz to the sport as a whole. 

It seems like there’s no cap on the places pickleball will go and grow. Having such a huge featured pickleball section in one of the most popular improves accessibility to pickleball gear, fosters the pickleball community throughout the country, and encourages new audiences to pick up a paddle. 

We’re excited to witness the success of Target’s latest launch and hope that the store will continue to support current and incoming pickleball athletes in future endeavors.