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The ability to print the scorecards to take to the pickleball courts has always been a request from admins. Some admins prefer to print one court per page, while others would like to print multiple courts per page. So, TrackitHub decided to give users the flexibility to customize their scorecards before they print. Also, the player rotation will accompany the scorecard on the same printout. 

1. Click the Actions button at the top of the scorecard page. Then select Export/Print Scorecards.

2. A notification box will appear stating that you can print after opening the export in Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets. Click OK.

3. Depending on your browser, the exported download appears in various places in the browser window. For example, in Safari and Firefox, the download appears at the top right corner of the browser. In Google Chrome, the download appears at the bottom left corner of the browser.

Please select the file once you have located it.

4. If you use a Windows computer, the file will open in Microsoft Excel. If you use an Apple device, your file will open in Numbers. You can also open the file in Google Sheets if you prefer.

5. The print setup defaults to landscape orientation, allowing the rotation and two 5 player courts to be printed on one page. If you prefer one scorecard per page, that’s not a problem. Just cut and paste the scorecards further down the spreadsheet.

Secondary Option

If you prefer to print the scorecards right from the website, right-click anywhere on the page, and click print. If you choose this option, the player rotation must be printed separately.