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PPL Flex Leagues

The PPL is bringing Pickleball leagues to the masses. You don’t have to be in a club, you don’t have to change your schedule, you just have to want to play pickleball. 

Our primary goal with the Premier Pickleball League is to inject fresh and dynamic energy into the local pickleball scene. Unlike traditional club play, where participants often find themselves competing against the same set of players week after week, our league is designed to break that pattern.

Over a span of six weeks, we will be bringing together players from the targeted area to engage in competitive pickleball matches. This inclusivity means that players of various skill levels and playing styles will have the chance to showcase their abilities. The rotation of opponents ensures that each week brings a new challenge, keeping the excitement and anticipation high throughout the league’s duration.

  • League duration: 6 weeks with a 7th week for makeup matches, if needed.
  • First 3 matchups will be sent out when the league starts. Each week, on Monday, another matchup will be released.
  • A group chat will be created for each match to discuss and finalize the details of the upcoming match, including the location, date, and time.
  • Matchups can be completed at any point during the league.
  • Six guaranteed doubles matches.
  • Play to 11, win by 1, best of 3 games.
  • Results must be submitted by Sunday at 11:00 PM each week.

What is a flex league?

Flex leagues match up similarly skilled players each week. The players then communicate through a group chat to determine when and where they will play their match that week. After the match is played, the players submit the results. The process continues each week until the league ends.

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Why join a flex league?

Joining a flex league ensures weekly play opportunities for players to develop and improve their skills, by competing against players of similar skill levels. Competing with new players and being exposed to different styles of play allows you to learn and adapt your own skills, strategies, and techniques. Flex Leagues also provide a great opportunity to socialize and make connections with fellow pickleball enthusiasts and make new friends! The friendly competition of Flex Leagues is both a fun and motivating environment to help players have an enjoyable time while also pushing their skills. At the end of the day, playing any form of Pickleball is fun. Come enjoy, learn, and share the sport with like-minded players!


When and where you play your matches will be up to you and the other players to decide. We will generate a group chat on that will allow you to communicate with your fellow players without having to share phone numbers and emails.

Note: It can be difficult to determine the right skill level to place yourself into, but try and do your best. If this is your first time playing in a league, we would generally recommend Beginner or Intermediate, depending on your level of familiarity with the rules and basic principles of the game.