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by Kelly Campbell 

It’s no secret that as a society, we’re always on our phones and get information about anything and everything from our devices. Social media has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives––whether we consume content from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or even Linkedin. 

The scope of social media has outgrown just entertainment, and whether for better or for worse, social media platforms have become a primary zone to gather information and connect with others in online communities. Especially during the height of the pandemic, social media platforms like TikTok were the only way for people to communicate with each other online. With such a heavy focus on online and indoor entertainment, we witnessed becoming what we now call “influencers”. 

Social media influencers are people with large and loyal media followings that typically specialize in a niche (travel, fitness, beauty, food, motherhood, etc.) Influencers do exactly what their name implies––they use their social media platforms to influence their followers by sharing information, promoting products and their own brands, and creating content surrounding their niche. 

In recent years, influencers have begun to share some overlap with podcasters. With increased accessibility through streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music, podcasts have made a huge comeback in recent years. Nearly 70 million people listened to podcasts in 2023, and podcast hosts across genres tend to have similarly loyal followers.

So, how does pickleball fit in? 

There’s seemingly a podcast or influencer that caters to any and every niche––so of course, pickleball is no exception. As pickleball has continued to grow, so has its online presence. There are now countless pickleball influencers, personalities, and podcasters that make a career out of posting pickleball content––anything from match tricks to product reviews––to their thousands of followers. These creators encourage pickleball discourse, promote pickleball businesses, and influence and foster the pickleball community as a whole through their content and commentary. Many pickleball influencers are well-known professional players who have a strong social media presence that showcases pickleball content and partnerships.

Perhaps the most impactful effect of more pickleball influencers is the built-in opportunity for people to engage with pickleball off the court. Followers will always have passive access to pickleball news and developments on their social media feeds because of influencer culture. Especially because pickleball has a long way to go before it can compete with US core sports like baseball and football, these podcasts and influencers are crucial to increasing audience engagement for pickleball (like sports news or sports radio does for other sports). 

Check out some of today’s hottest pickleball podcasters and influencers and how they’re cultivating community off the court. 

McGuffin Show

  • Host: Tyson McGuffin
  • Platforms: Spotify, Apple, Youtube
  • Topics: Hosts discuss pickleball coaching tips, tournaments, tips, and all of the latest pickleball developments.

Tara Bernstein

  • Followers: 36.1k on Instagram
  • Background: Bernstein has worked in sports for years and is now a pro pickleballer. 
  • Content: Bernstein posts about pickleball, fitness, and lifestyle. She promotes pickleball paddles, fashion, and gear, and posts funny and relatable pickleball content. She is sponsored by Franklin Pickleball. Read more about Bernstein’s pickleball engagement ring


  • Hosts: Thomas Shields, Zane Navratil
  • Platforms: Apple, Spotify, Youtube
  • Topics: Seasoned pickleballers discuss the “good, the bad, and even the ugly sides of pickleball” and no topic or commentary is off-limits. Topics rotate weekly as they host guests, talk about tournaments, discuss pickleball pop culture, and more. 

Sydney Steinaker

  • Followers: 14k followers
  • Background: Steinaker is a pickleball player, author,  and content manager for MLP. 
  • Content: Steinaker’s page is all pickleball, all the time. She posts ads for pickleball gear and pickleball fashion, her life and routines as a player, and more. She also posts about her own projects, like her book “The Ultimate Pickleball Journal.” She is a Ryka shoe ambassador and partners with JOOLA Pickleball.

Pickleball Therapy 

  • Hosts: Tony Roig
  • Platforms: Spotify, Apple, Music
  • Topics: This pod is all about supporting pickleball growth and healthy habits. It focuses on the mental part of the game. Their mission is “to share with you a positive and more healthy way of engaging with pickleball.”

Jocelyn Devilliers

  • Followers: 12.4k on Instagram
  • Background: Devilliers is a French professional pickleball player and two-time PPA champion.
  • Content: Devilliers posts brand giveaways, brand deals, pickleball tips and tricks, and tournament info.

King of the Court 

  • Hosts: Tyler Loong
  • Platforms: Apple, Youtube, Spotify
  • Topics: In the King of the Court podcast, Tyler Loong discusses all the hot topics in the pickleball world. Tyler also gives strategy advice, tips, tricks, and other opinions on what is happening in Pickleball!

Michele Stroyek (@ThePickleballYogi)

  • Followers: 21.7k on Instagram 
  • Background: Storyek is a pickleball player and owner of Universal Rackets
  • Content: Stroyek posts pickleball tips, funny and relatable pickleball videos, and tournament info. She partners with Selkirk. 

Pickleball with Tyler

  • Followers: 122k on Instagram
  • Background: Tyler is a pickleball coach and owner of Universal Rackets. Grew in popularity first as @tenniswithtyler before switching over to pickleball. 
  • Content: Tyler’s page is dedicated to pickleball training videos and advice about the game.

Danea Zeigle

  • Followers: 32k on Instagram
  • Background: Zeigle is a pickleball player, enthusiast, and coach that hosts The Pickleball Happy Hour podcast.
  • Content: Zeigle partners with Club 1965 pickleball merch. She primarily posts funny and relatable pickleball videos but also has videos about pickleball advice and tips.