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Indoor Facilities Could Lead the Next Wave of the Pickleball Boom – by Kelly Campbell

In February of 2023, Pickleball Kingdom announced plans to franchise. The pickleball facility, located in Chandler, AZ, has become an incredibly popular complex since opening its doors less than a year ago. According to ABC, Pickleball Kingdom founder and CEO Mike Rodrigues said he recognized a need for more indoor facilities across the US and has received over 100 applications for franchise agreements. 

Pickleball Kingdom’s plan to franchise is great news for pickleball lovers. As we’ve seen with other sports facilities like TopGolf, blending entertainment and sports is a great way to encourage players and non-players to get involved with a sport and have fun. 

Even though pickleball has obviously been growing on its own, there still is more opportunity to shape growth so that pickleball can become a core sport in the US. Having well-known chain indoor facilities like Pickleball Kingdom franchises will drastically increase the number of pickleball players and create a huge opportunity for pickleball growth. 

Following TopGolf’s Lead – Pickleball Facilities as an Opportunity to Push Casual Play 

Using TopGolf as an example, we know how powerful the intersection of sports and entertainment can be in growing a sport. TopGolf, a chain of facilities that blend golf and entertainment, encourages everyone to play golf in a way that’s fun and accessible. TopGolf has 81 locations in the US across 30 states, as well as numerous international locations. They offer lessons, hold events, and sponsor leagues throughout the year for all skill levels. Their emphasis is on having fun and being active; they have numerous golf-related and non-golf-related offerings, including clubs, balls, tees, ball carts, music, restaurants and bars, and giant TVs. 

TopGolf has transformed golf and provides an outlet for both highly skilled golfers and non-athletes to have fun playing the sport. Similar pickleball-oriented facilities could have the same effect on pickleball, which would be huge for continued pickleball development. 

As pickleball continues to grow in both professional and recreational settings, we’re seeing a large increase in indoor pickleball facilities across the country, each with its own (back)spin on pickleball entertainment. There’s a big opportunity for pickleball businesses to expand in recreational settings in a way that mirrors other sports, like golf and TopGolf

Check out these up-and-coming pickleball entertainment facilities that have taken a shot at pioneering pickleball entertainment in the US: 

Pickleball Kingdom 

Chandler, AZ-based Pickleball Kingdom is an indoor pickleball facility that gives players access to outdoor surfaces with all of the indoor benefits. The facility is open to the public for drop-in play every day, but it also offers numerous membership options. Anyone can attend a free Pickleball 101 class at Pickleball Kingdom, and there are paddles and balls available to purchase or rent. With all it has to offer, Pickleball Kingdom even encourages non-picklers to give pickleball a try. Once Pickleball Kingdom starts making progress with franchising, it will hopefully become a household name and increase pickleball awareness. 

Chicken n Pickle 

Chicken n Pickle is an indoor/outdoor entertainment complex centered around dinking and drinking. The facility offers indoor/outdoor areas, numerous pickleball courts, a restaurant and bar, and a variety of yard games including ping pong, cornhole, and battleship. Chicken n Pickle also hosts private events, pickleball leagues throughout the year, and the ability to reserve pickleball courts in advance. With all of the options at Chicken n Pickle, pickleball lovers and their non-pickleball-playing friends and family can spend time together and be entertained. There are currently 7 Chicken n Pickle locations and 4 new sites coming soon. 

Pickle N Par 

Pickle N Par combines the best of pickleball and golf into one. There are currently two New York locations offering open play, drill sessions, shootouts, tournaments, social and networking events, private parties, leagues, and pro events. Pickle N Par offers memberships so that frequent picklers can receive special savings and priority booking. You can also take lessons and attend one of their events whether you’re a member or not. 

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