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by Kelly Campbell

One of the best things about pickleball is its simplicity–just pick up a paddle and a ball and you’re ready to go. But with the increased growth of pickleball, the pickleball community is coming out with new products and ideas to help players develop their skills. From products that improve your paddle control to those that develop your reflexes, the pickleball community is always serving up new accessories and gear.

No matter if you’re a pickleball pro or just starting out, you won’t regret investing in pickleball products that intensify your training, save time during drills, and improve your pickleball experience. 

TrackitHub put together a list of the top pickleball accessories you never knew you needed. Whether as a gift for a pickleball fanatic in your life or for yourself, make sure you check out these items that make pickleball more fun and functional.

Slam Master 

The Slam Master is the perfect pickleball tool for anyone looking to practice alone––wherever, whenever. With the Slam Master training drill paddle, you don’t have to wait until you get onto the court to practice your forehand and backhand strokes. The Slam Master makes it easy for pickleball players of all skill levels to amp up their routine without a partner. The Slam Master improves hand-eye coordination, speed, strength and stamina with an attached pickleball that bounces back to the player. Beginners and experts can use the tool to practice dinks, volleys, lobs, and drive shots. Bring it to the court and use it to warm up before a match or when training at home. 

Kollectaball K-Max Ball Collector

Practice is fun until it comes time to pick up hundreds of discarded pickleballs after drills. The Kollectaball K-Max Ball Collector takes away tedious and time-consuming ball retrieval during practice for players and coaches of all skill levels. Its lightweight design rolls across the court and collects pickleballs in record time. The ball collector is a game changer for those with back injuries––there’s no need to repeatedly bend down to pick up discarded pickleballs while you’re training. In addition to efficient ball collection, the K-Max Collector doubles as pickleball storage. It comfortably holds 40-60 pickleballs and can either be hung on a net or fence or stand-alone. The Kollectiball K-Max Ball Collector makes cleanup quick, efficient and fun. 

Pickleball Tutor 

The Pickleball Tutor is the ultimate tool to invest in your pickleball future. With five different variations, this ball machine is one of the best pickleball training aids on the market. At 24-34lbs, 50-65 mph ball speed and 60-120 ball capacity (depending on the model), Pickleball Tutor has options for all of your ball machine needs. With the Pickleball Tutor, you can practice anywhere at varying skill levels. All machines feature a rechargeable battery with up to 3-4 hours of play and a three year warranty. With features like remote control, start-up time delay so you can get ready in position, oscillation, adjustable ball trajectory and side-to-side or group play settings, the Pickleball Tutor machines are a must for serious pickleball players. 

PickleUpper Pickleball Retriever

The PickleUpper makes pickleball pick-up a breeze with its suction cup design. The PickleUpper attaches to the bottom of any pickleball paddle and suctions to any pickleball, limiting the need to bend down after drills. One of the best things about the PickleUpper is its size; it’s compact enough to accompany you to any game or practice without weighing down your bag. The PickleUpper is perfect for indoor or outdoor pickleballs and won’t interfere with your paddle grip. Grab a PickleUpper and spend time on what really matters––your pickleball skills––and less time collecting balls off the court.

Pickleball Belts  

Around-the-waist pickleball belts and holders are a convenient hack for pickleball lovers. Pickleball belts act as a trendy yet functional accessory––they even come in different colors. There are a few pickleball holders on the market with varying capacities. “The Ballszie” carries up to eight balls in a 52’-inch zipper-pouch, while the “I’ve Got Balls! Belt” holds up to five individually-secured pickleballs without a zipper. With a pickleball belt holder, there’s no need to waste time picking up balls around the court or grab them from your bag. Keep your practice and drills fast-paced and focused on the game––not looking for pickleballs––with a pickleball holder. 

Tacky Towel 

Tacky towels are a great way to enhance your paddle control and grip without altering your paddle. Tacky towels, applied directly to hands, paddle, or gloves, eliminate slipping due to sweat or damp weather conditions and increase traction between hands and paddle. These are perfect for those who do not want to add an overgrip to their paddle handles, but want the same benefits. Tacky towels are easy to use and effective without leaving a sticky residue or stains. 

Pickleball Grips 

Pickleball overgrips are a great option for players looking to enhance their paddle directly. Pickleball overgrips wrap around paddle handles to increase paddle durability and control. Grips provide extra cushioning for comfort and high traction. They’re made with moisture-absorbing materials so sweat doesn’t get in the way or wear down your paddle. Another plus is that overgrips come in different colors to personalize your paddle and add a pop of color. 

Pickleball Target

Pickleball targets are one of the best pickleball training aids to develop your skills. It’s not always convenient to wait around for a partner, and target practice is great for solo drills. With numerous options––including inflatable targets, pop-up targets, and velcro targets––there’s something for everyone. Grab one that attaches to a net or wall or stands alone to mimic another player on the court. 

Foam Pickleballs

Foam pickleballs are an underrated pickleball accessory and are a particularly great option for beginners and kids. Since they are foam instead of the traditional plastic, these pickleballs work well for anyone looking to avoid the pickleball pop noise from court and paddle impact. They are a must for indoor wall practice and drills since they are lighter, softer and quieter than the average pickleball, yet they maintain a decent bounce height. 

Ball Holder

Productive practice sessions usually require a plethora of pickleballs for nonstop, fast-paced drills. That’s why a top-tier pickleball holder comes in handy. There are numerous options out there––whether you choose to invest in a basket with a handle, a caddy, or a vertical tube that can attach to net posts, finding holders that are easy to transport and easy to access while playing is key. Whether you’re a coach or practicing on your own, pickleball holders keep your pickleballs safe in one place, so you’re always ready for your next session.